Why Should You Consider Long Term Car Rentals?

Car ownership in Ras al Khaimah  is a fairly uncommon sensation because of the expensive barriers and hassle of maintaining a vehicle. In 2019,  Ras al Khaimah ‘s car ownership rate was a mere 11%.

Hence, long-term car rentals are rapidly gaining traction as a practical alternative, providing the convenience of getting around the emirates rapidly without the duty that comes with car ownership. On this page, we’ll examine a few of the reasons why more and more  Ras al Khaimah   are opting for long-term car rentals. However, before we delve into the rationale, we have to first know what long-term car rentals are, and how they vary from other types of car rental.

What exactly are Long Term Car Rentals?

As the name suggests, long-term car rentals are services that offer you with the use of a car on a long-term basis, which can range anywhere from weeks to months to even years. They differ from short-term car rentals, whose established period is generally shorter and include daily, weekly and regular monthly periods.

Long-term car rental in Ras al Khaimah is comparable to car ownership in several ways, but it offers some distinctive advantages that car ownership doesn’t. Here is a list of benefits to get ready to enjoy from long-term car rental.

More Value for Money

Leasing a car for a long time of time is usually less expensive than paying a car loan. Lease payments for a long-term car rental are often lower than monthly payments for a car loan, which is often incredible due to the high costs related to buying a car in Ras al Khaimah . Once you book a long-term car rental, there is no need to bother with forking out exorbitant amounts for a COE or various taxes and fees that are meant to deter car ownership.

Furthermore, when you lease a car with RAK Car Rental, you can look forward to no mileage limit for driving the car in  Ras al Khaimah  and all over UAE. Taking pleasure in unlimited miles at low rental rates implies that long-term car rental is usually more value for money than buying a new car in  Ras al Khaimah.

Always Drive the Latest Models

When you purchase a new car in Ras al Khaimah , you can expect to be bound to the same vehicle for the next 10 years due to the length of the COE. It is because the process of selling your current car and buying another one to get another one could be lengthy and time-consuming, and is frequently prohibitively expensive to boot.